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Design Guideline
Standard Control Cables

The basic specifications for each of
the control series are defined on the
accompanying capabilities chart. This chart shows the basic operational characteristics for each of the control series. Load carrying capability and bend radius are the distinguishing operating characteristics between series.

The standard configurations described
on the following pages accommodate applications where input and/or output actions have straight push-pull motion. Where an arc articulation is required, a
ball joint connector is recommended
(See Accessories for selection). Rigid
mounting of control cable end fittings is achieved with jam nuts and washers on
the threaded portions of the main sleeves.

When required by a specific application,
a number of options are available for
sealing the control from the environment. These include seal nuts which are mounted on the main sleeve and seal against the end rod and bellows assemblies as described on the "Ball
Joint Connectors, Seal Nut, Bellows
" page found in the
"Accessories" section of Mechanical

  300 Series 400 Series 500 Series 600 Series
Maximum recommended tension & compression
  Normal Duty:
  Limited Duty:
75 lbs.
150 lbs.
100 lbs.
200 lbs.
150 lbs.
300 lbs
500 lbs.
1000 lbs
Bend Radius 6 in.
4 in.
7 in.
4 in.
7 in.
4 in.
12 in.
6-1/2 in.
Weights Approx.
0.14 lb/ft
0.19 lb/ft
0.31 lb/ft
0.50 lb/ft
Bare casing (M): -65 F to +450 F
Vinyl covered casing (MV): -20 F to +350 F
Lubrication Not required
Flexibility Multi-plane bends allowable
MIL-C-7958, MIL-STD-810
Efficiency 90-98%
Materials CRES (Stainless Steel) / Vinyl (covering)
Length (a) Minimum 30 inches
Support Clamping Recommended every 3 feet
Maintenance None required
Shipping &
Figure "8"(b)
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(a) Lengths greater than 50 ft. will be supplied in (2) or more equal lengths with appropriate couplings.
(b) Control cables are best shipped and stored in the figure "8"
configuration received from the factory. This minimizes the
possibility of damage.

  • Normal duty assumes a minimum product life of
    100,000 cycles.
  • Rated compression loads are limited to 4 inch
    maximum stroke.
  • Duty cycles greater than 100,000 cycles can be
    achieved with increased bend radii on the control.

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