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AeroControlex offers a wide range of
rack and pinion gearboxes for aircraft applications. These boxes are precision cast and/or machined to meet the demanding applications and environment found on modern aircraft. Shown are typical boxes designed specifically for
jet engine and airframe applications.

These input and output operators for AeroControlex control cables are available for a variety of applications including aircraft, marine and land vehicles. All operators are designed and manufactured to high performance specifications to complement the low friction and minimal backlash performance of the control cable. In addition to the operators shown here, AeroControlex is prepared to design special devices to meet the particular needs of your applications.

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Gearbox used on
throttle applications

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Commercial Gearboxes

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Rack and Pinion gearbox
for automatic throttle retard
with electrical lock-out

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A combination rack
and pinion gearbox set

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