AeroControlex is pleased to announce that AAR Supply Chain Inc. will now act as the exclusive world-wide distributor for the APU lube pump products.


Over the years, AeroControlex has designed and installed a number of operating devices using ball bearing control cables to enhance the performance standards on board ships. As complete systems, these devices have been tested and qualified to all appropriate specifications and, most importantly they have proven themselves in shipboard use for decades.

The ease of installation, prolonged life and maintenance-free operation is a major step forward in replacing the reach-rod, rotary flex and sliding type systems.

Selection of ball bearing based systems will reduce total life cycle costs as a direct result of improved efficiency, prolonged life and zero maintenance.

Inclusive in our marine product offering are our Push-Pull/Pull only systems and our high torque Quarter-Turn and Multi-Turn Systems, in a truly “Turn-Key” mode. These products can be used for a broad range of applications which require rotary and/or linear actuation throughout the vessel where access to the valve or device being actuated is difficult to achieve.

Ball Bearing Control Cable assemblies and systems can be customized and adapted to the end users requirements, greatly reducing the time and expense of engineering an entirely new system.

The elements in a ball bearing control guarantee maximum efficiency. High efficiency is the key to greater load capabilities, longer system lengths and greater degrees of bend.

AeroControlex Ball Bearing Controls offer a high degree of flexibility because of the stacked race design, allowing the ball guides to helix within the casing during multiple plane bends. This is an important feature for addressing complicated routings through ship structures.

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